Saturday, 6 October 2018



 Sea, Wave, Swell, Web, Spray, Restless

I am feeling restless. The sun has just gone to rest and darkness is taking over the land. The crickets have started their nighttime choir practice to usher in the night. A few rats can be seen sneaking out of their holes and running fast across the yard to another hiding place, as they prepare to bombard us with their night time disturbances.

Some cats are also out tonight, cats who should be helping us get rid of the rats, but they only seem to be interested in conjugal rights. They are town cats you know and they seem to have learnt a lot from human beings.

The moon has been absent of late and rumours reaching us seem to suggest that he is on a journey. The previously noisy children have already retired to their various homes, hence the sudden absence of human voices in the air.

Did I tell you I am feeling restless? Yes, the problem is, I do not know exactly why I am feeling restless. I have tried to review the day's activities to find out whether any incident might have contributed to the current state of affairs, but I have not found anything odd, which might be making me restless. My day has been mainly made up of various instances of hopping from one class to another, disseminating knowledge to a mix of attentive, bored and worried learners. Some have listened keenly, while others have slept through the entire lesson. Of course you might be wondering why I did not wake up the sleeping academic giants, but then, haven't you noticed that there are people who can sleep without sleeping?

But then, that is not the point. There is a more pressing issue in my mind right now. The issue is, I am feeling restless and I still do not understand why I am feeling restless. Could it be that I am hungry? No, I do not think so. How could I be hungry when I made sure I ate a whole plate of a mixture of beans and maize in the morning, and then topped up with pancakes and tea? Didn't I also take some tea at the office later in the day? No, this restlessness cannot be as a result of hunger. I know some folks here and there have been telling me of how I am losing weight and claiming that I should eat more. Well, it is good to let you know that I eat a lot more than the average man and woman. Just because I am not growing horizontally does not mean I am not eating.

Some self declared doctor has been feeding my mind with theories about restlessness being a symptom of anxiety. But what causes anxiety, you ask? Well, according to the above doctor, anxiety is caused by stress. So, now I have been clinically determined to be stressed, by the self - declared doctor, a doctor whose credentials have not yet been brought to my knowledge. Yes, I know there are a few things in my life which are not yet straight and are giving me headaches here and there, but that does not mean I am not happy.

Well, sometimes I am unhappy. Mom has been having these endless joint problems of late. Problems which I am partly attributing to age. After all, she has offered dedicated teaching services to this nation for as long as I can remember and she has retired with a few ailments here and there. Sometimes when I call her, she will complain of pain, but then she proceeds to downplay the severity of the problem. She will even attempt to laugh over the phone. Now, the question is, is this what is making me restless? I doubt.

What about the unmet New Year resolutions? Could they be part of the problem? Well, I personally think New Year resolutions are unnecessary, so I do not remember making any. Besides, in the event that it is discovered I made any resolutions and failed to fulfill them, then, I can still resurrect  them next year should the need arise. A ha! I think I now know why. I think I am restless because today I have not written anything. You see, writing is quite addictive and you sometimes feel guilty if you have gone for a whole day without writing anything. If you suddenly stop writing, you start having some withdrawal symptoms, the same symptoms an alcoholic or a cigarette smoker is likely to have if they don't indulge in their hobby for some time. Yes, maybe that is the reason why I am restless.