Tuesday, 15 August 2017


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How do you know when uncle is unhappy? It is when he stops dispensing sweets with reckless abandon, to small children in the estate and instead resorts to over indulgence in alcohol. If you are wondering who uncle is, he is the guy I wrote about here who is nicknamed uncle by the children in the neighbourhood because he always surprises them with sweet stuff from the shops.

So, the thing is, uncle has been grumpy lately. He has suddenly stopped dispensing sweets to the children, which is abit of a relief to the parents, because they no longer spend sleepless nights thinking about possible trips to the dentist. He has also resorted to too much alcoholism which sometimes fool him into thinking that he is the best soloist around, making him sing traditional circumcision songs at the top of his voice.

The genesis of his unhappiness is not because his wife has left him or his teenage sons misbehaved around the estate or he is broke or his eldest son has put someones daughter in the family way. No, it is because his favourite candidate (Raila Odinga) lost in the recent general eletions to one Uhuru Kenyatta.

For that reason, uncle has resorted to calling anyone within earshot and lecturing them about free and fair elections and normal curves as well as giving some technical breakdown about computer hacking, in addition to withholding his sweets distribution philanthropy to the disappointment of the children.

Thankfully, uncle is reacting to the disappointment gracefully. He has not resorted to looting from the various shops, open air markets and supermarkets, burning tyres on the roads to inconvinience other road users or engaging in running battles with the police. That decision to avoid the police is particularly important because we all know any face off with the police rarely ends well and if he is maimed, who will take care of his family? In fact, apart from the short sessions at irregular intervals in which he sneaks out to get more stock of the frothy liquids, he spends most of his time indoors and 'Mama Watoto' must be very happy. I have noticed her face is glittering lately

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