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Many battles have been fought and lost or won on the altar of love. The altar from which hearts have been known to melt and fuse with one another. Many are those who have been crucified in the name of love, especially in circumstances where two hearts have fallen for one heart and the one heart cannot decide which heart to accept and which heart to drop.

It was against this backdrop that Juma and Amos fought, as Juma accused Amos of stealing his girlfriend, while Amos made a counter accusation about the 'theft' of a girlfriend, by an agent of Satan, who was not happy about his progress.

The girlfriend in question was Grace, a beautiful lass who must have been created at the right place at the right time. The event of the day happened when Grace was walking hand in hand with Amos along Elgeyo road, just past Poa Place when Juma confronted them. A bitter exchange of words followed.

Shortly thereafter, several blows were exchanged in quick succession, blows heavy enough to cause a short circuit in someone's brain if directed at the skull. Amidst the well calculated blows, served while hot, tough questions were being thrown about with reckless abandon.

Amos: Where were you son of a mosquito, when I bought her that phone which she uses to call you? Poof! poof! poof! - someone groans.

Juma: And where were you son of a cockroach, when I bought her the shoes....Poof! poof! - another person groans.

And by the way, which cockroach or mosquito would not be proud to have a son? - just asking for a friend.

All this while, Grace was watching as the two bulls tried to outdo one another for her sake, while chewing something and rolling her eyes.

A zebu bull (who still keeps zebu? I thought this breed was extinct) crossed the road, along the railway line accompanied by three female cows who I assumed were his wives. He looked in the direction of the two fighting men in acknowledgement, as if he understood them before moving on, leaving the two to iron out their issues. He was a modern version of a zebu cow and I could have sworn by my elbows, that he could speak 'sheng' or even quote the Kenyan constitution.
Moments later, a black Toyota Landcruiser, driven by a chap called Moses, emerged from Poa Place and parked besides the fighting warriors.

Grace hopped in excitedly and Moses covered her with hugs and kisses almost immediately. After a little bit of tete -a- tete, during which Moses called Grace Babe and Grace called Moses Honey, curiosity took over.

Moses: What are they fighting about?

Grace: They are touts who have disagreed about how to share some money.

Moses: Do you know them?

Grace: Yes, they are my neighbours. I tried to stop them but they refused. Don't mind them honey, they are idiots okey?

Moses: Okey Babe, if you say so...*kiss* *kiss* *kiss*
Moses melted, then solidified and cooled down

The Landcruiser speeds off as Amos and Juma are left staring in disbelief. What they had been fighting for was actually not theirs. It is true that ,sometimes two or more entities will fight for what they think belongs to them, only to realize later that whatever they are fighting for belongs to someone else.

They had no choice but to end the fight. Juma staggered Northwards towards Kapsoya while Amos staggered Southwards towards Annex, each drowning in thoughts. Two wounded lions, each yearning to get home, to nurse his wounds. The wounds inflicted by a fruitless fight. A fight for what is beyond their reach.


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