Monday, 29 May 2017



Mike was in a jovial mood on this particular night. The thoughts of the previous night were still fresh in his mind. It had been a night full of love, lust, infatuation and debauchery.

 He still could not believe how lucky he was. It had been only the previous night, when he had checked into a club in town. He had proceeded to nurse a bottle of vodka while trying to forget Lavender. Lavender was his workmate, a beautiful lass with curves at the right places, who had declined his request for a date. He was a wounded lion. He still could not understand why Lavender, who kept stealing glances at him in the office, could not just agree to his request. Even his male workmates were in agreement that Lavender had a crush on Mike. But, he was not going to spend the whole night crying. He was going to nurse a vodka bottle instead.

But, an unexpected miracle happened. While still deep in his thoughts, a young lady had approached Mike's table. She had requested to join Mike, in such a respectful manner that Mike had no choice but to oblige.

"Hi I am Grace, may I join you?" the lady asked.

"Yeah sure, I promise to be as harmless as is humanly possible." Mike responded and the lady laughed, revealing the most beautiful set of teeth and this could only mean that Mike had scored some redeemable points.

After exchanging some niceties, Mike discarded his earlier thoughts about Lavender, as he warmed up to Grace, a lady who was  a true prototype of the statement 'fearfully and wonderfully made'

To make sure he did not lose his new catch, Mike engaged all his mental faculties to make sure he was as funny as possible.

After great laughter, sharing of drinks and exchange of phone numbers, the lady made the night more exciting. Sitting across the table from Mike, she removed her right shoe and started caressing Mike on the inner thigh with her soft and smooth leg. Mike became hyper sensitive. His blood started boiling and migrating downwards from his brain to his lower abdomen and his mind went bonkers. He made up his mind that he had to devour Grace that same night and Grace played along very well.The rest of the night could only be described using two words. It was a night of 'great passion.' A night when the stars clapped while the angels shook their heads, as a young man went about the business of satisfying his loins, right there under the beautiful night sky.

His train of thoughts were interrupted by Grace's phone call.

"Hello darling?" Mike responded with fitful excitement, yearning for a repeat of the previous 'match.'

"It was nice meeting you Mike." Grace said over the phone. "But please, make sure you check into a hospital soon and get tested okey?"

"What?.......What do you mean?........Grace........hello?" Mike attempted to speak as Grace hung up and the stars stopped clapping while the angels covered their mouths in shock!

The statement from Grace paralysed Mike to the core. He had heard about these things before, but he had not imagined that it could happen to him.

Yes, stories had been told of women infected with H.I.V who slept with as many men as possible, to intentionally infect them. Stories of women who after infecting as many men as possible, went ahead to create a list of all her victims. But to Mike, such stories always seemed far fetched from reality. To him they were just misfortunes which happened to other people. It is funny how as human beings, we always think we are unique, when presented with certain realities of life.

Mike had not known that the lady who had shown him so much love, was actually a wolf in sheep skin, a wolf whose main intention was to devour as many men as possible. She was merciless and in pursuit of an evil mission. A mission to ensure that all men drank from her cup of bitterness.

And indeed, Grace was a bitter woman. She was the kind of woman who believed that all men are dogs. A woman who had swore by her breasts to punish all men, especially because one of them had infected her with H.I.V when she was still a naive University student, fresh from high school and from then on, the dark angel of bitterness and vengeance dwelt in her.

She recalled the time she joined Mfangano University. She was an excited little bird with no worldly limits. A whole future was before her. She had her freedom, away from her parents. That was when she fell into the trap of falling in love with a smooth talking man who was driving a fuel guzzling German machine. She spared nothing of herself as she went the full length to entertain the man in body, spirit and mind. She cared not about protection and was in fact more scared of pregnancy and disease. The man promised her an easy way out of poverty, but before she could say H,she was already H.I.V positive.

So, here was Mike a possible H.I.V victim, alone in his room, unable to think. He was feeling weak on the knees, thanks to the chilling message from Grace. Grace on the other hand was smiling. An evil smile full of sadism and vengeance. So far she had infected twenty five men and was still hunting for more victims. Her revenge mission spared no one, whether old or young, rich or poor. She had even succeeded in ensnaring some men of the cloth in her trap. Men of God who only got saved in their heads, but not below the belt.

Indeed, three months later, Mike tested H.I.V positive, but after much counselling and self reflection he decided to bear his burden alone. He was not going to embark on a revenge mission, with an aim of infecting as many ladies as possible. He chose the path of forgiveness, where he did not want to punish all women for the sins of one of their kind. Unfortunately, Grace on her part was still on the rampage.


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