Wednesday, 24 May 2017




At what point in time does love mutates and becomes madness? (Insert a loooooooooong pause). I ask this question because on 23rd May 2017 on Radio Jambo I listened to a program called 'Patanisho' (reconciliation).

A woman was calling to reconcile with a former boy friend, who had apparently moved on with his life and even got himself a wife and for a guy to get a wife, it means he has really moved on, hence you (the lady) should also get a life. But the woman desperately begged the guy to take her back even if as a second wife. Can you imagine? She was ready to play the second fiddle in the relationship or she probably hoped that she could coax the guy around and regain her former first position in the guy's heart. Take note that the lady has no child with the guy, hence no strings attached.

The lady had claimed that she had even quit school because she was totally in love 'head over heels' with the guy. I am not jealous, but what on earth did this guy ever do, that the girl cannot forget? I know the brain of some evil minded reader some where is already working overtime on this matter.

The Radio host (Gidi I believe) then went ahead to ask the listeners, whether they have ever done anything crazy in their lives because of love. Ahem! Cough! The things ladies do ...cough!.... for love ...cough! cough! (Insert evil laughter here)  

One lady narrated how she once fought her boy friend who happened to be a boxer, in a club somewhere, when she got wind that he was entertaining some giggling girls and the most likely inebriated crowd cheered and even clapped! (standing ovation guys, this deserves the National Anthem and three gun salute). I mean, it is not every day that anyone can get the opportunity to knock down a guy who has tasted the boxing ring.

There was a lady who claimed that when she was a high school student sometime back, she would travel all the way from Nairobi to the Western   Region of Kenya, with her school fees, just to enjoy it (the money) with her boyfriend (a fellow high school kid who was probably still shedding his milk teeth). Here she was, engaging in adult adventures instead of cramming the periodic table or massaging the egos of some 'naughty' mathematical formulas.

Another lady said that there was a time she would be given around Ksh 5000 school fees, but instead of heading to school, to hug test tubes and bunsen burners, she would look for her boyfriend and donate Ksh 3000 shillings, in return for kisses, hugs and probably a 'God bless you honey' kind of statements. The funny thing? None of the above relationships led to marriage.

So my question is, was that love, infatuation or desperation? How far can one go just to sustain a relationship where one party takes all and the other party gives all? Should we treat such acts as a 'special kind of madness' which requires the attention of psychiatrists? Just thinking, and it is not a crime to think. 


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