Wednesday, 2 November 2016


My dear home Lebolos
Or is it home sweet home Olebolos?
Awsome Kiplombe to your East
And sweet Kirobon to your west
Peaceful Kokwomoi to your North
And the green Koibatek forest to your South
Flanked by the never drying ngaranarewo river
And Esageri the ever flowing river

I remember you fondly
Because you enriched my life wholly
And made me feel jolly
The lovely games we played
The helpful friends we made
The captivating books we read
And the ripe fruits, looking black and red

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I may be far this day
But I will be back someday
To enjoy the fresh air
The warmth of your care
The charm of your people
The food, delicious, fresh and simple
And the fond memories, like magic
Makes me feel nostalgic

My dear home lebolos
I shall be back, lovely lebolos
I know I am still assured of your love
The way you have my sincere love
I would love to walk on your pathways
Not on the city highways
And to let my children
To become your brethren
Long live our friendship
And long live our kinship

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